The room

A welcoming place in which to taste excellence.


It is highly recommended to taste the delicious Salumi di Olimpia cured meats in the special room, where it is also possible to taste the exquisite roast meats prepared in the traditional stove (‘u furnìdde), accompanying everything with excellent locally produced wine.

'U Furnìdde, an exquisite technique for roasting meats.

The “Fornello” (in the native language Furnidde) is an ancient oven that differs, both in its structure and in the cooking method, from the classic oven present in our countryside.

For centuries it has been an integral part of the butcheries of Locorotondo and its surroundings and has used a practically unique cooking method, especially for roasting meat-based preparations.

In fact, the portions of meat must be strung on long skewers which are positioned in an inclined way on the side diametrically opposite to the heat source of the stove.
Heat source consisting of embers of burning coals. Compared to cooking directly on the grill, where cooking liquids inevitably drip onto the heat source, releasing fumes and aromas that are not particularly healthy and pleasant, in the stove, on the other hand, they drip intact away from the fire, where they flow, partly unburned, into the bottom of the oven.

The cooking takes place, therefore, at a high temperature in a uniform and natural way, preserving a delicious external crunchiness and a soft internal flavor of the fleshy touches.